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Using AI-driven chemistry to catalyze the Hydrogen Economy

H2U is developing technologies that dramatically reduce the cost of green hydrogen, accelerating the species-changing movement of clean energy production


Lower cost Green Hydrogen

World Renowned IP

Caltech scientists awarded $122M by DOE to discover new catalysts to scale the hydrogen economy.  ALL IP licensed exclusively to H2U

Commercial and government led initiatives for clean energy from green hydrogen are underway.

Lower Cost Renewable Energy Storage

H2U's Catalyst Discovery Engine™ and Scalable Electrolyzers do not contain scarce Platinum Group Metal (PGM) catalysts

H2U Technologies uses AI and proprietary methods to discover and test low cost electrocatalysts, ten thousand times faster than any other method. We then apply those low-cost catalysts to a very low-cost, disruptive-design hydrogen electrolyzer.


With our IP and the world's largest electrocatalyst activity database, H2U Technologies is uniquely capable of solving a key challenge for the Hydrogen Economy: producing low-cost Green Hydrogen.

Opportunity - The Hydrogen Economy
2050 Projections


Goldman Sachs


Bank of America


Bloomberg NEF


Global Forecast 2030


Global Forecast 2050

Abstract Background

H2 Electrolysis

Demand and Drivers

To put the world on a path to zero emissions, we’ll need to install two million megawatts or more of new hydrogen electrolyzer capacity

Bloomberg NEF ‘Hydrogen Economy Outlook’  2020

Catalysts =

Engine of the Hydrogen Economy AI-driven High Throughput Catalyst Discovery

Abstract Background

Catalyst Discovery Engine


Unique in the world using patented IP and AI produces results orders of magnitude faster than legacy methods

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