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Catalyzing the Hydrogen Economy

A clean energy future is here

The promise of a clean energy future powered by hydrogen has finally arrived. Commercial and government led initiatives for clean energy from green hydrogen are underway in transportation and power generation. Numerous countries have announced national strategic initiatives for the adoption of hydrogen for clean energy generation and reduction of carbon emissions.


The problem the world is facing now is a barrier to scale of electrolyzers that rely on precious metals

Today: Iridium $5600/toz, Platinum $1280/toz = 20%+ of  Electrolyzer cost by 2030 assuming NO price increases !

The world is rapidly adopting green hydrogen as the clean energy carrier for decarbonizing global industries across the board – transportation, energy, metals, chemicals, construction, and others comprise the vast majority of carbon emitting industries.  Today, using hydrogen for decarbonization depends on rare, expensive precious metals used as catalysts for producing clean hydrogen and converting it to clean power.

H2U discovers and commercializes abundant inexpensive catalysts enabling the world to


H2U electrocatalyst discovery is an unprecedented, proprietary, end-to-end ultrahigh throughput AI and data-driven process focused on discovery of new catalysts for generation of clean hydrogen and fuel cell power production.  The process prepares, characterizes, and quantifies the catalytic activity of tens of thousands of compositions per month and then closes the loop with big data analysis and AI to refine/guide the search.  

H2U Gramme 50 Electrolyzer

The Gramme 50 GS series PEM Electrolyzer is a novel and disruptive design,
made to drive rapid and large scale adoption of grid scale electrolysis.


Advantages of the
PEM (proton exchange membrane) Electrolyzer

Inexpensive, scalable and manufacturable stack and system design

Radically different stack design to achieve high current density and outlet pressure requirements

Seamless integration between stack and power electronics

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