Director of Materials Research & Engineering

H2U Technologies, inc is seeking a highly motivated, experienced and energetic individual to lead its high throughput catalyst discovery activities for discovery and development of novel catalysts for water electrolysis - a cornerstone technology of the new hydrogen economy.

H2U’s platform technologies are based on the R&D performed at Caltech, under the program of JCAP-HTE project. Specifically, key technology and IP involve the capabilities of (i) synthesizing (ink-jet printing, PVD and annealing at various temperatures and environment gases), (ii) screening (wet, electrochemical tests for catalytic activities and stabilities), and (iii) characterizing (XPS, SEM, XRD, ICP-MS...) material libraries, using combinatorial chemistry approach and high throughput tools. In addition, H2U will continue building and expanding current materials database and its tool systems for mining and predicting novel compounds using AI.

The successful individual will be responsible for building and directing the Materials Research & Engineering team to meet the company's needs, in particular, developing a solid plan of how to translate a research tool/capability into an industry product pipeline for commercial uses. Specifically, the candidate must be able to both discover new leads for electro-chemical compounds and develop those into commercial products, and also to utilize leads discovered by others to find and evolve better compounds.

Experiences and qualifications: the candidate must be a Ph.D in electrochemistry or chemical engineering with background in electro-catalyst research and development; have 8+ years experiences in the field, such as fuel cells, batteries and related chemistry/physics engineering, and proven leadership capabilities and independent problem solving ability.

  • Replicate and upgrade the existing materials research platform (including machines, computational resources and software tools) to a new, commercial facility located in or near Pasadena, CA.

  • Recruit new team members as needed, and manage the complete materials research team and processes.

  • Manage the on-going catalyst discovery process in support of company's commercial electro-chemical catalyst product portfolio.

  • Manage and respond to customer and partner requests, including performance of screening and characterization services.

  • Collaborate / work with team members, CTO, Chief Scientist, and Engineering team to devise new improvements and capabilities for synthesis, screening and characterization, and other components of the overall discovery process.

  • Strong technical leadership skills.

  • Extensive experience (10 years desired) in hiring and managing scientists and researchers, especially in the materials and physical chemistry fields.

  • Demonstrated ability to evolve research into commercially engineered products.

  • Proven track record of superior experimental work in chemistry and/or electro-chemistry with notable publications.

  • Entrepreneurial instincts and track record of leading new initiatives with limited resources and support

  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills, knowledge and experience with AI tools and systems, and ability to use data and metrics for making predictions and decisions

  • Resolve conflict productively across teams including engineering, legal, finance, sales and operations

  • PhD degree in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, or Physics


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