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Electrical Engineer or Senior Electrical Technician

H2U Technologies aims to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy by making real the promise of a clean energy future powered by hydrogen. Our work drives innovation in green hydrogen across many industries including transportation, power generation, steel, chemicals, agriculture, and others. To aid in the development of a scalable, cost-effective, green hydrogen future, H2U Technologies innovates best in class products and services with our pioneering electrocatalyst discovery technology combined with the design of a new generation of electrolyzers. 

To build this clean future, H2U Technologies is seeking a passionate and experienced Electrical Engineer for the electrolyzer engineering team. You will be working with the other team members of the electrolyzer engineering team to develop, build, troubleshoot, commission and maintain electrolyzer systems. 

  • Experience with electrolyzer, fuel cell or high-power battery systems a major plus

  • Experience with high voltage, low voltage, high current and low current DC and AC, including 3 phase circuits

  • Experience with instrumentation including current and voltage transducers, and sensors for pressure temperature and flow monitoring

  • Experience with EMI, RFI electric noise troubleshooting and suppression

  • Experience with troubleshooting DC/DC converters, variable frequency drives (VFD), power supplies and rectifiers

  • Experience with troubleshooting and debugging analog devices

  • Experience with control and data acquisition systems 

  • Hundreds of hands-on hours’ experience in using an oscilloscope to observe and interpret analog and digital signals

  • Solid understanding and experience in using digital volt meters (DVM) to measure AC/DC voltage, current and resistance

  • Solid understanding of basic electronics including ohm's law and how to calculate voltage/resistance/current/power

  • Soldering experience

  • Experience in following formal test procedures

  • Experience in identifying signal noise problems using an oscilloscope, and noise probes (e.g., RF)•    Som

  • Experience in working with or programming Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

  • Experience in reading wiring schematics

  • An engineering degree or vocational certificate related to electronics, mechatronics/ robotics, system engineering, computer science, etc. is not required, but is preferred.

  • Some programming experience in any of these languages: python, C, C++, JavaScript, Ladder Logic

  • Experience with monitoring systems data logging and instrumentation for electrochemical devices

  • Assist in assembling and configuring electronic/electrical system components such as PLC I/O (4-20mA, 0-10VDC, Modbus), power supplies, computers (Linux/Windows), ethernet. This includes wiring and using PLC management software to configure modules and assign Modbus addresses

  • Using test equipment such as DVM, oscilloscope and current meters, to troubleshoot system problems including identifying and fixing electrical ‘noise’ issues

  • Develop and execute system test plans, component/subsystem tests, system commissioning

  • Build, troubleshoot, and commission complex electrolyzer systems consisting of:

    • electrolyzer stacks, power supplies for electrolyzer

    • water pumps with VFDs

    • current, voltage, temperature and flow sensors, system monitoring and data acquisition devices

  • Ensure the electrolyzer system is free from electrical interference

  • The applicant needs to be a hands-on self-starter and able to work with minimal supervision


Salary Range: $80,000 - $120,000 



H2U Technologies is a unique company that is using electrocatalyst discovery technology combined with the manufacture of a new generation of electrolyzers to accelerate Green Hydrogen production. Our mission is to make real the promise of a clean energy future powered by hydrogen by driving innovation in clean energy from green hydrogen in power generation, transportation, energy, metals, chemicals, construction, and others that comprise the vast majority of carbon emitting industries. 


Current technology for creating hydrogen depends on rare, expensive precious metals as the catalysts for producing clean hydrogen and converting it to clean power. To deal with the limitations of those technologies, H2U electrocatalyst discovery is an unprecedented, proprietary, end-to-end ultrahigh throughput AI and data-driven process focused on discovery of new catalysts for generation of clean hydrogen and fuel cell power production.  The process prepares, characterizes, and quantifies the catalytic activity of millions of compositions per month and then closes the loop with big data analysis and AI to refine/guide the search.


Similarly, current electrolyzer technology is complex and expensive. H2U’s response is the Gramme 50 GS series PEM Electrolyzer, a novel and disruptive design, made to drive rapid and large-scale adoption of grid scale electrolysis.


We are committed to building a company where all backgrounds and communities are represented. We strive to foster an inclusive and diverse environment because we believe that teams are most successful when all voices are heard and supported.


We offer the opportunity to help shape the future of clean energy in a dynamic hydrogen startup, a lot of responsibility, creative freedom, flat hierarchies and great colleagues. We are well funded and offer exceptional employee benefits for a startup company.  If you are as excited about Green Hydrogen as we are, joining our team could be something for you!


Please send your resume to

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