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Green Field

Electrochemical Test Engineer

To build this clean future, H2U Technologies is seeking a hardworking, passionate, and experienced Electrochemical Test Engineer as a key member of the team.  The Electrochemistry team is responsible for testing the performance of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) using H2U catalysts. As an Electrochemical Test Engineer, you will be tasked with understanding the core operating principles that influence the electrochemical performance of our reactors.

Senior Electrolyzer Component Fabrication Engineer

To build this clean future, H2U Technologies is seeking a hardworking, passionate and well-experienced processing engineer as a key member of the PEM electrolyzer development team. Working with other scientists and engineers, you will be primarily responsible for establishing capabilities needed for manufacturing MEAs or CCMs for PEM electrolyzers, in high throughput and automation.  You will also be responsible for leading the testing and evaluation of the MEAs/CCMs. 

Senior Nanoparticle Catalyst Synthesis Engineer

H2U Technologies is seeking a passionate and experienced  Sr. Nanoparticle Catalyst Synthesis Engineer as a key member of the catalyst development team. You will be working with the other team members of the High Throughput Experimentation team to develop synthetic techniques that can produce newly discovered catalysts at scale. 

Catalyst Screening Technician

H2U Technologies is seeking a hardworking and passionate Catalyst Screening Technician as a key member of the team. The Catalyst Discovery team is responsible for synthesizing, characterizing and screening electrocatalysts for performance and stability. This will involve wet chemistry synthesis, x-ray characterization, and electrochemical testing. Team members will be responsible for analyzing the data and summarizing the results to the rest of the team.

System Assembly Technician

In support of our electrolyzer manufacturing projects, H2U is looking for assembly technicians to help build our electrolyzer “balance of plant” and testing systems. This position will work closely with engineering staff. Assembly work will primarily consist of mechanical piping and low voltage electrical wiring. Typical equipment for assembly includes water pumps and valves, stainless steel tubing, and industrial sensors. Work will be in a shop environment and will require the use of PPE such as safety glasses, work boots, gloves.

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