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Jourdan Urbach

CEO of H2U Technologies

An energy transition specialist, Jourdan came to H2U via an investment in their very first financing. From his seat on the board, Jourdan has been inspired by the great progress H2U's team has made towards addressing the high cost of Green Hydrogen. He joined as interim CEO in January of 2024.


Before focusing his career on seed-stage energy technology with Levelized Capital and Capella Partners, Jourdan was part of a small team that created McKinsey & Co.’s “New Ventures” group. He personally constructed and ran the process for identifying, building, and accelerating 20 novel businesses each year through McKinsey's “New Venture Competition" in addition to serving as an Engagement Manager in the retail practice.


A scientist by training, Jourdan's peer-reviewed neuroscience research from the Hafler Lab at MIT’s Broad Institute has been cited 84 times, and he was granted 4 patents while R&D Director at cloud storage firm MiMedia. He holds a B.A. from Yale in mathematics, where he received Clay Christensen’s 3rd annual Disruptive Innovation Award (alongside Jack Dorsey and Daniel Kahneman). 

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