Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Programmer

H2U Technologies aims to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy by making real the promise of a clean energy future powered by hydrogen by driving innovation in green hydrogen across many industries Including transportation, power generation, steel, chemicals, agriculture, and others.


To meet this goal, H2U Technologies is constantly innovating best in class products and services through introduction of pioneering electrocatalyst discovery technology combined with the manufacture of a new generation of electrolyzers. 


To build this clean future, H2U Technologies is seeking a hardworking, passionate, and experienced PLC programmer as consultant to augment the team.  The role includes the programming of embedded controls for the H2U electrolyzer, and for test stations.


Electrolyzer or Fuel Cell Design Experience a Major Plus!

  • Contractor Needed, 20-40 hours per week for 12 weeks, then reduced to 10-20 hours per week for another 12 weeks (estimate)

  • Ability to be the domain specific expert in industrial controls for the electrolyzer team.

  • Controls systems categories to implement include: Safety, basic automation for unattended operation

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience with embedded controls programming using Ladder Logic and other programming languages for mainstream PLC platforms such as Automation Direct “Direct Logic” series of programmable controllers.

  • Ability to integrate industrial communication buses and analog and digital inputs and outputs, including the hardware integration.  Experience with industrial controls hardware interfaces such as RS-485, USB, GPIB, 4-20 mA.

  • Ability to prepare captured data for export.

  • Ability to set up communication interface to HMI / SCADA display

  • Ability to take controller requirements document that specifies system control logic, sequences, and safety requirements, and implement the needed logic structure, program the system, debug the system, and ensure quality control and documentation for the system.  The structure may be provided by structured text, flowcharts, and block diagrams.

  • Candidates without PLC-based embedded programming experience need not apply.

  • Familiarity with industrial energy systems, especially hydrogen electrolyzers.

  • GUI Experience development for industrial control systems to display key status indicators/metrics, interlocks, alarms and events records and acknowledgements

  • Knowledge of C#, VB,OOP for modifying existing code.

About H2U


H2U Technologies is a unique company that is using electrocatalyst discovery technology combined with the manufacture of a new generation of electrolyzers to accelerate Green Hydrogen production. Our mission is to make real the promise of a clean energy future powered by hydrogen by driving innovation in clean energy from green hydrogen in power generation, transportation, energy, metals, chemicals, construction, and others that comprise the vast majority of carbon emitting industries. 


Current technology for creating hydrogen depends on rare, expensive precious metals as the catalysts for producing clean hydrogen and converting it to clean power. To deal with the limitations of those technologies, H2U electrocatalyst discovery is an unprecedented, proprietary, end-to-end ultrahigh throughput AI and data-driven process focused on discovery of new catalysts for generation of clean hydrogen and fuel cell power production.  The process prepares, characterizes, and quantifies the catalytic activity of millions of compositions per month and then closes the loop with big data analysis and AI to refine/guide the search.
Similarly, current electrolyzer technology is complex and expensive. H2U’s response is the Gramme 50 GS series PEM Electrolyzer, a novel and disruptive design, made to drive rapid and large-scale adoption of grid scale electrolysis.


We offer the opportunity to help shape the future of clean energy in a dynamic hydrogen startup, a lot of responsibility, creative freedom, flat hierarchies and great colleagues. We are well funded and offer exceptional employee benefits for a startup company.  If you are as excited about Green Hydrogen as we are, joining our team could be something for you!