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Cleantech Expert Tom Werner Named Chairman of H2U

Company Advances Commercialization of New Green Hydrogen Technology with World’s Fastest Catalyst-Discovery Capability to New Iridium-Free Electrolyzer Designs

LOS ANGELES – June 8, 2022 – H2U Technologies, Inc. (H2U), the developer of new energy technologies to produce green hydrogen, today appointed clean energy veteran Tom Werner as Chairman of the Board. Werner spent 18 years on the front lines of the solar revolution as CEO of SunPower, and has more than 25 years of experience leading disruptive technology and energy organizations.

“Tom is an excellent fit to lead our Board as we advance into the commercialization phase of H2U’s unique technology,” said Mark McGough, CEO and President of H2U Technologies. “As the demand for green hydrogen accelerates, H2U electrolyzer designs will solve an important problem, by producing low-cost hydrogen without the need for rare and expensive iridium catalysts. This is new technology, and Tom and I both have extensive experience in commercializing new energy technologies.”

Before joining SunPower, Werner was CEO at Silicon Light Machines, Inc., and VP and general manager of the Business Connectivity Group of 3Com Corp. Werner also serves on the boards of Wolfspeed Inc., Addenerrgie, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and the University of Wisconsin College of Engineering Industrial Advisory Board, and the Marquette University Board of Trustees.

H2U is developing technologies that dramatically reduce the cost of green hydrogen, accelerating the species-changing movement of clean energy production.  

“With hydrogen gaining momentum as the next fast-developing clean energy market, H2U’s electrolyzer designs are uniquely positioned to reduce the cost and enable the scaling of green hydrogen,” said Werner, chairman of H2U. “My experience at SunPower, where we pioneered and scaled the industry’s highest efficiency solar products, is directly applicable to H2U’s commercialization roadmap.”

About H2U Technologies, Inc.

H2U Technologies is a developer of new catalysts used for the electrolysis of water into hydrogen. The company also develops PEM electrolyzers using these catalysts. The world-class technology featured in H2U Technologies' products is based on 10 years of research and development at Caltech, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.  For more information, visit


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