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Exclusive: H2U Technologies' CEO on its solution to costly electrolyser catalysts

In the ever-progressing green hydrogen industry, the cost of electrolysers is a topic that flares its head regularly. With supplies of iridium, a key catalyst for the technology, ever dwindling and prices continually rising, California, US-based H2U Technologies believes it could have a key solution to the issue.

Having pioneered its Catalysts Discovery Engine, which promises to have found cheaper alternatives to iridium, the company is looking to commercialise its electrolyser design which it believes could aid the hydrogen economy in reaching its full potential.

H2 View caught up with Mark McGough, CEO of H2U Technologies to learn more about its novel technology, and how it could establish itself as a key player within the industry.

H2 View (H2V): Thank you for speaking to H2 View. To get the ball rolling, could you give our readers an overview of H2U Technologies?

Mark McGough (MM): The foundation of H2U is our catalyst discovery capability. That was developed over a ten-year period when a group of California Institute of Technology scientists received around $120m of US Department of Energy (DOE) funding to develop what we now refer to as the Catalyst Discovery Engine or CDE for short...

By Charlie Currie, H2View


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