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Looking to the Future at the Catalyst H2 Conference

We were pleased to participate in the Catalyst H2 Conference in Long Beach November 14-16. Sponsored by the Green Hydrogen Coalition and Strategen, the global event brought together policymakers, industry leaders, researchers, utilities, and non-governmental organizations to advance the green hydrogen market and infrastructure development. Their goal is to accelerate progress and collaboration across green hydrogen’s diverse ecosystem – spanning upstream production, midstream transport, storage, and downstream applications.

There were great discussions, insightful presentations and fireside chats. One ongoing discussion involved concern about how there is not enough iridium on the planet to make all the hydrogen electrolyzers we need. Current PEM electrolyzer technology relies on iridium, one of the scarcest metals on earth. As demand for PEM electrolyzers continues to increase, the lack of iridium may become a bottleneck in the growth of the hydrogen market.

We were happy to share how we are working to solve this problem by introducing the first non-iridium low-cost PEM electrolyzer next year! Using our patented Catalyst Discovery Engine™ (CDE™) technology, H2U is discovering increasingly promising non-iridium catalyst materials, validated in-house and through third-party testing by the top global supplier of catalytic coatings.

By avoiding reliance on costly, rare materials, H2U’s electrolyzers will help the industry scale and sidestep significant bottlenecks in the deployment of clean hydrogen. With our novel catalyst materials and innovative electrolyzer designs, our models will be half the cost of legacy designs. And we have a waitlist of top utilities planning field trials of our low-cost, non-Iridium electrolyzers.

Sharing ideas and information with this group was inspiring and we can't help but be optimistic about how much the Hydrogen Economy can accomplish! Thanks to the Green Hydrogen Coalition and Strategen for organizing this excellent event and to everyone who attended the reception that we hosted. We hope to work with many of you in the future. This is an exciting time, and we look forward to traveling on the green hydrogen journey together!

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