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Eric Riesenberg, CPA, CGMA

Volo Earth Ventures Co-Founder, Managing Partner & CFO

Eric brings 20 years of investment experience spanning from angel to large private equity, and has deep research, development, and commercialization expertise through medical research that readily applies to diverse, highly-regulated markets.


Eric actively mentors CEOs in areas of Medical Research and Supplies, Logistics, Banking, M&A, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing. As a member of a global CEO network, he brings a large network of contacts across industries. His CPA & CGMA qualifications have helped launch, grow, and exit a number of businesses, and he has led companies with over 500 employees, delivered 22X growth, and transacted nearly $500M of private corporate equity. Eric is driven by the opportunity to support business leaders in the pursuit of beating financial expectations while having fun along the way.

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