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The successful individual will be responsible for building and directing the Materials Research & Engineering team to meet the company's needs, in particular, developing a solid plan of how to translate a research tool/capability into an industry product pipeline for commercial uses. Specifically, the candidate must be able to both discover new leads for electro-chemical compounds and develop those into commercial products, and also to utilize leads discovered by others to find and evolve better compounds.

Experiences and qualifications: the candidate must be a Ph.D in electrochemistry or chemical engineering with background in electro-catalyst research and development; have 8+ years experiences in the field, such as fuel cells, batteries and related chemistry/physics engineering, and proven leadership capabilities and independent problem solving ability.


The Director of Product Management is a crucial position at H2U. We seek to disrupt the electrolyzer industry by eliminating precious metals and dramatically reducing installed CAPEX to meet the demands of the hydrogen economy where renewables are the cheapest source of energy. The Director of Product Management will be the architect of this disruption, and will be the public face of H2U's role in it.


To build this clean future, H2U Technologies is seeking a passionate and experienced Synthetic Inorganic Nano-chemist as a key member of the catalyst development team. You will be working with the other team members of the High Throughput Experimentation team to develop synthetic techniques that can produce newly discovered non-precious metal catalysts at commercial scale.


Be proficient at inorganic nanoparticle synthesis, interpreting analytical data, able to rationalize results and develop future work plans based on results

Create large quantities of catalysts developed by other team members using wet chemistry techniques.

Maintain careful research records, reports, and other documents to meet technology dissemination and patent protection

Maintain skills/knowledge by reading literature, taking courses, and/or attending technical meetings

Assist with customer visits and attend technical meetings


We seek an experienced VP of Engineering to recruit, build, and manage a diverse and talented development team. Responsibilities for this position include leading a team of engineers to build a high quality commercial product that will delight customers, on time and on budget, and in collaboration with other groups within the organization.

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