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DOE Report Validates Need for Iridium Alternatives in Green Hydrogen Production

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has just released its "2023 Critical Materials Assessment," which evaluates materials for their criticality to global clean energy technology supply chains. This 266-page report includes analysis of key materials used in various technologies encompassing energy generation and storage as well as demand-side applications.

The Assessment focuses on essential materials with a high risk of supply disruption that are integral to clean energy technologies. Of particular interest to us, it points out the stagnant levels of iridium production (iridium is a scarce element in the earth's crust) compared to the projected surge in demand for use in PEM electrolyzers and other industries. Their evaluation reinforces H2U Technologies' focus on finding low-cost, earth-abundant replacements for iridium that is commonly used in green hydrogen production. To this end, H2U recently announced a major achievement in producing the industry's first commercial-scale non-iridium PEM electrolyzer.

The complete "2023 Critical Materials Assessment" report is available as a PDF at


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