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Proud Achievement for H2U Team

H2U team members gather next to the new commercial-scale electrolyzer
Members of the electrolyzer development team celebrate our accomplishment: (standing, left to right) - Arvin Sookezian, Andrew Liotta, John Arriola, Steven Jaffe-Lewis; (kneeling left to right) - Liviu Cosacescu, Davit Khachatrian, Dennis Mangrobang

We couldn't be prouder of the great H2U Team for their efforts in our breakthrough: Hydrogen Industry's First Commercial-Scale Non-Iridium PEM Electrolyzer!

Several of the team members expressed justifiable pride in H2U’s latest industry first, and here's what they had to say:

“I am humbled to be part of such a capable, driven, and hardworking team. The H2U Team continues to challenge the norm, and solving the iridium problem avoids the industry iceberg ahead. I have really been impressed with the determination and quality of work that the team has put in.”

– Liviu Cosacescu VP of Engineering

“It is truly exciting to see a commercial-scale non-iridium demonstration. To hear the power of this electrolyzer in operation is breathtaking.”

- Andrew Liotta, Applications Engineer

“H2U’s iridium-free electrolyzer is an incredible achievement, since iridium is what all the other OEMs have to use to make their products work. I am proud to be part of this rockstar engineering team with outstanding people focusing on catalyst discovery and application testing, electrolyzer stack manufacturing, balance of plant design and assembly, controls programming, logistics, and more. This electrolyzer project demonstrates that H2U’s catalyst material can replace traditionally used iridium for the oxygen evolution reaction.”

- Steven Jaffe-Lewis, Systems Integration and Testing Engineer


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