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Rethink Energy Presents: Energy Question Time – Hydrogen Special Webinar

We were honored to have our Government Affairs Director, Dr. Katherine Rinaldi, participate in the Rethink Energy Question Time on February 9. If you missed the live webinar, you can find the recording here.

Questions for the panelists included:

  • Which are promising technologies to produce cheaper H2 and when will they break through?

  • Should electrolyzers be located where the hydrogen will be consumed (ie without pipelines), even if this means running the electrolyzers at a low capacity factor?

  • What is the potential scale of SMR using carbon sequestration hydrogen production?

  • What materials challenges remain to achieve cost-effective green H2?

  • How does green H2 help or hinder the "electrify everything" mantra?

  • What will be the estimated price of hydrogen in relation to natural gas?

The panelists were:

  • Bogdan Avramuta, Hydrogen Analyst | Rethink Energy

  • Mike Hopkins | Bakken Energy, CEO

  • Harry Morgan | 7percent Ventures, Investment Associate

  • Dr. Katherine Rinaldi | H2U Technologies, Inc. Technologies, Director of Government Affairs


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